About Us

Competence in measurement and control since more than 75 years

Our core competence is closed loop control for industrial applications. Modern software tools and a complete range of controllers – the Economy controllers, the Universal Line as also the Advanced Line –provide scales for flexibility in application and thus offer a tailor-made price-performance ratio. This product strategy leads us to be one of the market leaders in supplying the closed loop controllers and the automation solutions.

Our maxim: Close the loop with PMA. This includes the complete product spectrum for an entire control loop.

Products Are One Part Of PMA

Since many years we are working in the area of automated solutions for our clients: Controllers tailored to customers demands are also part of our services as well as engineering support for special proceedings and the complete automation of machines and plants.

PMA Products and solutions are at home in all parts of industry
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Science, Research and Development
  • Glass, ceramics and cement industries
  • Environmental & AHU applications
  • Plastics and rubber processing
  • Chemical,petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Foodstuffs and beverage industries
  • Metal production and processing
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Water Treatment plant